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The building unquestionably occupies the best location within the prime office district. Key neighbours include;

Nearby developments at Majestic, One City Square and 34 Boar Lane have further reinforced the dominance of this location and attracted new standout businesses to the region such as Channel 4. The city of Leeds is now firmly established as one of the UK’s premier locations for ambitious organisations and has attracted inwards investment from new occupiers including;

Leeds City Region has experienced huge growth over the last three years and is now home to more than 100 fintech firms and is contributing more than £700m per year to the regional economy.



University of Leeds Expansion – An ambitious transformative campus development programme of capital investment projects is already under way totalling £500m, supporting the Universities strategic aim of being securely placed in the UK’s top ten research universities.

The University of Law – With more than 200 law firms, Leeds is second to London in job opportunities. Their facility is located on Park Row, just down the road from Train Station.

MathsCity has opened its doors in Leeds as the UK’s first National Mathematics Discovery Centre, an interactive space to explore the wonders of Maths.

Global Banking School (GBS), one of the fastest growing Higher Education providers in the UK, is opening a campus in the heart of Leeds with a 41,000 sq ft building in Great George Street, which can accommodate up to 1,000 students at any one time.

Leeds Trinity University is set to establish a new base in the city centre, in addition to its campus in Horsforth, as part of its growth strategy.

The university has secured a lease on the 57,000 sq ft building which is located just off Boar Lane in the heart of the city. The facility is expected to welcome students during the 2024/25 academic year.

The plan to establish a city centre base is part of Leeds Trinity University’s growth ambitions, set out in its Strategic Plan 2021-26, which is underpinned by increasing engagement in the Leeds City Region.

The university said a city base will complement its existing campus in Horsforth, enabling the university to work more closely with key partners and employers to bring new opportunities for its students, contribute to the continued growth of Leeds city centre and support demand for skills.

Leeds Trinity’s campus in Horsforth will remain central to its offer – including new programmes in Nursing and Biomedical Science, which are being designed to respond to key public sector workforce needs in the City Region.